Tips for Traveling Safely This Summer

For all of us travel-addicted souls out here, it’s been a tough year.  Many of us have had to cancel or postpone vacations as well as hold off on booking anything new until we know when restrictions will ease up.  The good news is that we can travel within the US fairly freely, so I’m making my list of all the cities I’ve wanted to go to within the US and will hopefully be able to see those places this summer.  Due to how large the US is, road trips are a little more difficult unless you have weeks to explore, so I’ll likely be flying.  That’s one thing I’m a little nervous of – flying!  How will it be at the airports or on the airplane?  I’ve done some research and here are some top tips from other travel experts on what you should do to keep yourself as safe as possible during your travels.  Hopefully these help you out with any air travel you need to do this summer.

1. The Three Must-Haves - Face Masks,Hand Sanitizer, and Wet Wipes

Hand Sanitizer

This one might seem obvious, but I want to drive it home!  Make sure you have multiple face masks, either disposable or reusable.  You never know if something happens to one and that way you can replace them during your trip.  At this point, all airlines require passengers to wear a face mask, so you will 100% need one.


For hand sanitizers, I would recommend you pack multiple mini bottles as they are great for traveling and you will probably go through them fast. 


And finally, the wet wipes allow you to wipe down any surface that you are going to be contact with.  Whether it’s eating at the airport, sitting on the airplane, or even riding in an Uber!

2. Consider Purchasing a Sanitation Wand

Some might think this is a little “over the top”, but this is essentially a tool that you would use for all of your future travel and it’s great for flying as well as any hotels you stay at.  You can get a mini UV wand starting at $70 and you can use it on counter surfaces, your bed sheets, and more.  Here is one from Sharper Image that comes highly rated.

3. Pack Snacks

As much as I love to stock up on snacks at the airport, bringing your own from home is a much safer option right now.  Purchasing snacks at the airport essentially mean that you are purchasing food that has gone through many hands to get there, so it’s safer to bring snacks from home.

4. Bring Your Own Pillow Cases

Some people might think this is over the top, but I think it’s a great idea not only now, but all the time.  If you think about it, most places that you stay in, whether Airbnb, Hotels, VRBO, etc. the bed sheet’s SHOULD be washed.  But you have absolutely no way of knowing if they actually were.  I’ve had many people tell me as I traveled over the years that I should bring my own pillow cases and I always though it was a bit over the top, but given the current situation, it’s a great idea.  Pillow cases are very small and easy to pack, so why not eliminate

5. Try to Book Direct Flights

If you can, try to book direct flights rather than having layovers.  The more layovers you have, the more airports you’ll have to be in, and the more germs you will have to be exposed to.  You can eliminate that risk by booking a direct flight.