Exclusive Deals from Marriott

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Although it’s very difficult to travel abroad right now, thankfully hotel brands like Marriott are offering great deals on travel within the United States.  We’ve gathered as many offer codes as we could find for different areas of the United States.  For any of these deals, just click on the Marriott banner below and navigate over to their Deals page.  Don’t forget to copy the promo codes!

Code:  D3Q - up to 25% OFF at Resorts across the United States

Save up to 25% on resorts all across the United States.  Resorts in Boston, New York, St. Augustine, Miami Beach, New Orleans, Kohala Coast, Koloa, and more.

Code: NCL - Weekend Getaway

This offer gets you:

– Luxurious accommodations

– Valet parking

– $50 hotel credit

Code: MAJ - Southern California Deal & Discount for Longer Stays

Lock in weeknight rates for a weekend getaway!  You must stay at least one weekday night and one weekend night, using the code, you’ll get the weekday night rate.


If you plan on staying at least two  nights use this code to get a discount.  

2 nights – get 20% off

4 nights – get 25% off

Code: ES7 - Newport Beach, California Special

Feel at home in your own private Newport Beach House and create your own culinary experience inspired by Marriott’s chef partners. This offer gets you:

– A great rate on a 2 night stay in a high-designed custom cottage.

– Complimentary valet or front door self-parking.

– Seasonal recipe and ingredients, created by Executive Chef Partner, Riley Huddleston

Code: ZJ5 - Rancho Cucamonga, California Special

This offer is perfect for a California staycation!  This offer gives you:

–  A clean and comfortable room.

– Pizza and beer (Package includes 1 pretzelpizza per night, 1 glass of beer per night in Choice of Best Brew)

– In-room movie.

Code: BOG - Beverly Hills, California Special

When you stay 2 nights or more, you receive 50% off every 2nd night stayed.  If you stay 4 nights, you get 50% off the 2nd and 4th nights!