What the Vaccination Means for Travel

What the COVID-19 Vaccine Will Mean for Travel

Although the beginning of 2021 has been a pretty crazy one, the one light at the end of the tunnel is the COVID-19 vaccine that is being administered all over the world right now.  However, there are also a lot of questions surrounding the vaccine and what it means for those of us who are looking forward to traveling again.  Here is what we’ve been able to find out.

When Will the General Public Be Able to Get the Vaccine

The United States started rolling out the vaccine at the end of December, and as of January 14th, 2021 there are about 20 million Americans who have already received the vaccine.  The general public should be able to start getting the vaccine in mid to late January and they are hoping to have the majority of Americans vaccinated by September, 2021.

Will Travel Return to Normal in 2021

Most experts are saying that travel will definitely increase in 2021, but it’s highly unlikely that it will return to normal this year. Unfortunately the vaccination process isn’t going as quickly as they had originally planned, which is delaying things.

Can I Travel Freely if I've Been Vaccinated?

This is the main question I’ve been seeing everywhere and as of right now, the CDC hasn’t released any information.  Which unfortunately means that you still must travel with a negative COVID test to most countries.  From the research I’ve done online, they are expecting the CDC to update their information on their website to give guidelines to those who have had the vaccine and if they are allowed to travel with just the proof of their COVID-19 vaccine.