Affordable Places to Visit in 2022

 The world is full of beautiful places that, contrary to popular belief, are actually very affordable.  Whether you are looking for a warm beach holiday, a historical holiday, or an adventure, these destinations will provide you with everything you need for a vacation, from activities to accommodation. 

1. Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the friendliest countries I’ve ever visited. They have gorgeous islands, beaches, rich nature, and cultural heritage, and is also one the best places known for surfing and yoga retreats.  I would recommend splitting your time between the beach and going into the mountains.  Ubud is one of the most lush places I’ve ever been and has adorable monkeys everywhere.  So pack your belongings and prepare for a wonderful adventure and nature resorts you won’t get bored of. 

2. Romania

Romania is an excellent choice for those who enjoy nature, mountains, and ancient castles. People love the captivating history and stories that those castles hold, and they have been featured in several films. Travelers also enjoy the picturesque towns of Romania, such as Brasov and Sibiu so make sure you pass by there as well. 

3. Vietnam

This location is regarded as the most affordable to visit. But that isn’t the only reason travelers adore it. If you want a rich cultural experience but have a limited travel budget, Vietnam is an excellent choice.  They have a very similar landscape to Thailand, but it’s a more affordable vacation.  Vietnam has a monsoon season, so the best time to do is between December and April.  

4. Greece

This lovely destination is well-known for its beautiful beaches and clear blue water, as well as its Cycladic architecture. Many people believe that Greece is too expensive to visit because of its growing popularity and luxury accommodations, but it is still very affordable and a favorite for many people.   My recommendation would be to go either right before summer or in the early fall.  September and October are beautiful months to see Greece because there will be MUCH less tourists there, it won’t be so hot, and the prices start to go down from the summer prices.

5. Turkey

This place is famous for its carpets, hammams, and bazaars, as well as its attractions such as Istanbul and Cappadocia. Visitors also often compliment Turkish sweet treats such as their delights and baklava. The country is also rich in historical sites that are worth seeing. All of this makes it an extremely enjoyable place to explore.   The best time to visit Turkey is between either April – May or September – November.  There will be much less tourists there then and the heat will be much less.

6. Nicaragua

Ever gone volcano hiking? If not then it’s time to pack your bag and pay Nicaragua a visit. This location is well-known for its lakes and volcanoes. Almost everywhere in Nicaragua, there is a volcano to spot, and the majority of them are active. You can also explore the San Juan River, which is especially beautiful at sunrise.

7. Guatemala

This country offers everything adventurous souls seek. The country has a pleasant climate, but it is best visited during the dry season. Guatemala is also best known for its ancient sites, rich history, and culture. In addition to their three amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites.