Tips for Visiting Iceland- A Guide for Travelers

Tips for Visiting Iceland

Read our top 10 tips for visiting Iceland to help you get the most out of your traveling trip.



Every individual has different interests, and they enjoy different things. Therefore, every person has different plans when they visit Iceland. But there are a few things that everyone should do or know about to enjoy their vacations fully. So, continue reading to learn tips and tricks when visiting Iceland.

Get to Know the Locals

Icelanders are very friendly and warm people. They treat strangers kindly. Not only socializing with locals will be an exciting experience for you, but you will also be able to get guidance and help.

Cook Your Own Food

While eating out is fun, dining out in Iceland will quickly eat away at your bank balance. Alcohol and eating out can be expensive in Iceland for travelers, especially when trying out new restaurants.

Customize Your Trip

If you want to explore Iceland, most of your time will be spent on the roads. For that, renting a car is essential to save money. If you have a car, you drive around Iceland, enjoying the beautiful views and location in the country.  Don’t forget to make a stop at the lovely Blue Lagoon (pictured below).  It’s about a 45 minute drive from Reykavik and is a great way to spend a day relaxing in hot water and rejuvenating.

Save Your Tips

The staff in restaurants and hotels do not expect tips. Thus you are not required to leave them. The service fees and gratuities are all included in your invoices when in Iceland.  Of course, if you had amazing service and want to tip, you are more than welcome to do so :).

Explore at Night (During Summer Visits)

Discovering Iceland at night and in the evening is one of the best travel advice. This makes it simple to avoid crowds in popular tourist areas. You don’t need to be concerned about security because the Island is generally very safe.  Their main highways are also very well maintained and safe even in winter.

Keep an Eye Out for Festivals

Icelanders follow their tradition and culture very closely. Therefore, they also celebrate some traditional festivities throughout the year. You can visit small towns to check their culture, enjoy local food, and explore their music.  A great way to really immerse yourself into their culture.

Shop From Local Farmers

Many farmers offer fantastic products to tourists at affordable prices. You can purchase different ingredients to cook in your guest house. Some farms also serve delicious food to visitors.   Keep an eye out for farmers markets while you are there for fresh foods.

Prepare for Every Type of Weather

It doesn’t matter whether you visit Iceland in summer, spring, autumn, or winter; the weather there is unpredictable.  It’s best to keep good boots, breathable t-shirts, thermal leggings, slippers, etc. to avoid any trouble.  The weather can change very quickly from bad to good, and vice versa.  So if you are driving, keep a close eye on the weather and plan accordingly.

Cards are Accepted Everywhere

Icelanders accept debit and credit cards for everything. So you don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of cash. We recommend you take a credit card with 0% foreign transaction fees to save money.  Their currency is the Icelandic Krona, however at most major tourist places they will also accept Euros, US dollars, and Canadian Dollars.  It’s always a good idea to keep a small amount of the local currency on you though (for example, at some farmers markets, they might not accept cards).  So we recommend to take out maybe 100 € worth just to have on you.

Start Booking Early

We are serious. Hotels get booked around six months before, especially in tourist seasons. If you need budget-friendly hotels, book them as soon as possible.  Start planning out which excursions you want to do and which towns you want to stay in. Since most booking engines have a very flexible cancellation policy, we recommend you book your hotels, even if you are just thinking about staying there, to secure it.  Then once you have your plan finalized, cancel the ones you no longer wish to stay at.