Where Can US Citizens Travel to Right Now?

With the number of COVID-19 cases rising quite a bit in the United States recently, many countries are banning Americans from entering their countries.  There are still a small number of countries that are still allowing Americans in, as long as they follow very specific guidelines.


Aruba is opening it’s borders to Americans as of July 10th as long as they meet certain conditions.  American residents at 20 states (those states with higher COVID-19 cases) are required to bring a negative COVID-19 test that you took between 12-72 hours prior to arriving.  Residents of all the other states can either do the same, or take a test upon arrival and must quarantine for 24 hours at their choice of lodging until the results are in to show they are negative.  The second requirement is to purchase health insurance  which will cover the individual up to $75,000 in case they are COVID-19 positive.


Croatia is now open to Americans!  This change literally just broke the news today.  Croatia is a country that relies very heavily on tourism and they have decided to try opening up to other citizens other than those in the European Union.  The only requirement is that you must have proof of paid accommodations when you are entering.


For Americans wanting a quick getaway to a caribbean destination, this is probably the easiest!  Mexico is currently closed at the land-border, but you can still fly in. You will likely have your temperature taken upon arrival and if you have symptoms you will be asked to quarantine.


Americans arriving in Tanzania must complete a Health Surveillance Form, go through screening, and possibly do a COVID-19 test upon arrival.  If you clear all of those, then you are free to enter the country.


Americans can now visit Turkey!  Visitors will be screened with thermal cameras and anyone with an elevated temperature will be tested for COVID-19.   They also have a curfew in place from 10am to 8pm currently for anyone over the age of 65.