Warm Destinations You Can Go to This Winter

With winter very quickly approaching, many people are wondering where the heck can I travel to this winter?  So many countries have very tight restrictions on Americans right now, but thankfully there are still some beautiful (and warm!) countries that are still allowing Americans in.  Here is further information on each of those countries below.


The beautiful country of Aruba is allowing Americans in to their country, but depending on which state you reside in, will depend on what steps you must take in order to travel there.  For those residing in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, will need to arrive in Aruba with a negative COVID-19 test that was taken within 72 hours of traveling AS WELL AS take an additional test once you arrive in Aruba.  You will also have to quarantine for about 6-8 hours while you wait for the results of your new test in Aruba.


For those from California, Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas you can either arrive in Aruba with your negative results OR if you are not able to do that, then you can have a test done once you arrive in Aruba at the airport.  You will need to quarantine for 6-8 hours while you await the results of your test.

The Bahamas

Americans are currently allowed to enter the Bahamas. In order to travel there, you must fill out a Travel Health Visa Application.  This application will require a negative COVID-19 test as well.  An application takes about 72 hours to process and then you’ll get a confirmation that your application has been approved.


Americans can easily visit Bermuda by presenting a negative COVID-19 test as well as submit a travel authorization form and pay a $75 entrance fee for the country.  You can find the form here.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another country who has specific rules depending on what state you reside in.  As of October 1, 2020, tourists from New York, New Jersey, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, Colorado, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Rhode Island, California, and Ohio can enter the country.  As of October 15th, residents of Florida, Georgia, and Texas could enter Costa Rica.  And as of November 1st, residents of all states may enter.  Tourists must complete a digital epidemiological health pass, arrive with a negative PCR-RT COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours as well as purchase travel health insurance that covers health issues and cost related to COVID-19.

French Polynesia

The gorgeous islands that make up French Polynesia such as Tahiti and Bora Bora are accepting American tourists.  Americans must arrive with a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours and must do a self-test four days after arriving as well.  Travelers must also fill out this sanitary entry form


Jamaica is currently allowing Americans in as long as they fill out this travel application as well as arrive with a negative COVID-19 test that was taken within the last 10 days.


Americans can easily enter Maldives by just arriving with  a negative COVID-19 test that was taken within the last 72 hours as well as filling out this travel application form.